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Responsible Gaming
"Keep it fun, Game responsibly"

1. Normal member Withdraw up to 5 times/day, VIP Member Withdraw up to 7 times/day.

2. For the purpose of creating an account for profit, K9WIN has no tolerance for abuse or fraud. The determination of betting accounts that violate the eligibility wagering process will be at the sole discretion of K9WIN, clear evidence of bonus abuse will include, but are not limited to, the following examples:
*Place bonus bets on excluded games
*Use of multiple accounts / use proxy to access
*Cross bets on 1 IP address
*Abuse odds difference between betting sites
*Place 2 Party
*Using VPN or masking IP address
*CPA affiliate agent or abusing revenue sharing
*Installing or using software, support equipment

3. One ip address, 1 bank account can only register 1 player account. K9WIN reserves the right to decide in case of registering multiple betting accounts on the same ip address, 1 bank account registering multiple accounts without prior notice.

4. For accounts that show signs of being linked with an account playing in the same casino at other providers to shave grass in the form of continuous bets 1 side over 10 times and double bets on 6 hands with frequency If the rate is repeated many times, K9WIN has the sole discretion to terminate the operation of the offending accounts and terminate the agreement with you.

5. K9WIN reserves the right to check transaction records and login time at any time for any reason. In the event that it is found that a player participates in bets in the ways outlined above or we consider that there are unfair participation practices from K9WIN promotions, we reserve the right to confiscate all winnings and decommissioning of your account.

6. K9WIN reserves the right to terminate or amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

As part of our responsible gaming advocacy, we highly encourage Players/members to be responsible gamers, specifically in ensuring the security of their accounts and to avoid these missteps:

*Make sure to use child protection software to block remote gambling sites from computers minors might have access to.
*You must not leave your computer/mobile devices unattended when you are logged on to our site.
*Do not leave the "Save Password" option enabled on any Online Casino Games login screen.
*If possible, create separate profiles for minors on computers/mobile devices so that when they log-in they cannot access your information.